Solo Charleston (Solo Jazz)

Solo Charleston (Solo Jazz)


This crazy dance dates back to the pre-swing era – the posh garden parties of the “Golden/Roaring Twenties”. The easy and flexible basic step makes it easy to incorporate many different moves. While the Solo Charleston mainly gives you the freedom of dancing on your own, it also improves your partner dancing. We will teach you some stylish routines and will help you build a vocabulary for that crazy, joyful improvisation on the dance floor.

Each teacher has their own favourite bits and so you get taught entirely new things each time you take one of these solo courses. To make improving your solo dancing easier, we recommend that you take the level 2 course right after the first level. This way, you will keep the same teacher, group, and time class schedule as you had in level 1. (For instance, if you sign up in September for Solo 1 taught by Hanka on Tuesdays at 18:30, you can then in November sign up for Solo 2 also with Hanka on Tuesdays at 18:30.)

As an extra addition to your dancing repertoire, the Solo Charleston courses fit well on top of the Lindy Hop partner dance courses, and can better prepare you for the Partner Charleston courses.


This course is ideal for anyone wanting to broaden their swing dancing horizons. Besides learning the foundations of dancing on your own, it will also improve your partner dancing! Many of the steps you will learn are easy to incorporate into your Lindy Hop.

Don’t let anything stop you! Six lessons are not enough to master a dance. This is your chance to continue and immerse yourself in the creative and cheerful world of vintage solo dancing.