Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop


The Lindy Hop is an energetic partner dance which originated in the 30s and 40s. People love this dance for being casual, joyful and improvised. It builds on many other swing dances, such as the Charleston, Solo Jazz or the Collegiate Shag. You can have more elegant and gentle dances, or you can get crazy and energetic. The Lindy Hop is a social dance with an emphasis on good communication – leading and following – between any two people dancing together. It should always be enjoyable for anyone involved.


Note – At any level of Lindy Hop classes, you can encounter a special treat waiting for you: the Teachers’ Choice course. Each edition has different teachers and is unique, shaped by the teachers’ taste and creativity. In 4 lessons, they’ll teach you their favourite bits of the Lindy Hop

The starting point for any swing dance beginners. Our teachers will walk you through the foundations. You will learn your first steps as well as the basics of leading and following. After this course, you’ll be ready to dance the night away.
This is your best next step after learning the basics. We show you more challenging moves while going into more depth and solidifying your understanding of the foundations. There are level 2 courses with various topics, such as Social Dancing 101, Fancy Moves or Swing Out Preparation. While they are all similarly difficult, each focuses on a different aspect of the dance. We recommend that you take at least two of these courses. To progress to the third level, you should have completed the Swing Out Preparation course.
Having taken at least two level 2 courses, you should be ready for a challenge that is the swing out move. This is the main topic in our Swing It Out course. We also work on improving your communication in partner dancing, feeling your partner, and we even look at one of the predecessors of the Lindy Hop – the Break Away. Bear in mind that learning the swing out is necessary if you want to progress to further levels. For those of you who like faster tempos, we have another level 3 course where you can learn the Couple Charleston.
Advanced moves and techniques for those who fell in love with swing dancing. Similar to level 2, the level 4 courses feature various topics so that you can take them repeatedly and still learn something new. One particular topic is a Couple Charleston follow-up on the level 3 introduction to this fast dance.
Our highest Lindy Hop level so far. If the dancefloor is your second home, this course is for you. Diverse topics, advanced moves and going really deep into the technique and partner collaboration. Due to its level of difficulty, you have to audition for this course – before admitting you, the teachers will put your dancing skills to a test..